I am more than excited to announce that SII – Spearfishing Instructors International will be the first ever in the world teaching in Y-40 as of now!

Y-40 is one of the deepest pools in the world and the ideal place to learn Freediving Spearfishing. Don’t wait: call, PM, DM, WhatsApp Giovanni Bianco and get it done because you will feel so much happier afterwards. This is the right time. Freediving Spearfishing is the one and only true thing that keeps us alive and grounded in these hard times.

To all of the form teachers who always told me to stop thinking about breath hold diving and talking about Jacques Cousteau movies: "hey, teachers, leave us kids alone"!

Video by Manolis Giankos

Vassilis Garoutsos

Vassilis Garoutsos is a passionate and knowledgeable trainer who has worked with and trained thousands of freediving and spearfishing enthusiasts from all over the world.

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