Cabrilla (Peruvian rock SeaBass)

And yet I am at sea…

The conditions may be completely different from those of the Mediterranean, the prey may be completely different, there may be competing predators (seals, sharks, etc.) but I have a way of standing and being effective in a completely different environment. I study the biology of prey and delve into underwater hunting techniques and their variants.

In the photo I have captured a Peruvian rock SeaBass/Cabrilla (Paralabrax Humeralis) that lives on the coast of Latin America in the Pacific Ocean. It has a minimum recorded breeding size of 22cm in the period January – March for the sea area of Peru, feeds on smaller fish, small cephalopods and crustaceans and is prone to "Deep Static Ambush" and "Crawling Ambush" techniques.

Manolis Giankos

Manolis is a Greek Champion in all Freediving disciplines and the Euro-African Spearfishing Champion for 2013.

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